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Broadcast Outboard Equipment

In todays TV studios, there are a variety of things to contend with. Noise is one of them and that's where the Cedar Range of products will help get rid of that back ground noise caused normaly by the lights, sorry sparks!


You may also need to add some beautiful effects to instruments or vocals or get back control of your mix with a serious limiter. The TC Electronics with the broadcast pack has exactly what you need....


If you need to playback audio for any show, one of our Spot On systems will give you a fast easy to use touch screen interface.


We keep both the legacy DNS1000 and the newer DNS1500 Cedar Noise Reduction units.

These are standard issue in most tv studios now to try and elimate all of the background noise in a studio (largely coming from either moving lights or video products) These are especially useful on chat shows where you may have several lav mics open a the same time and will really help keep your broadcast as cleanas is possible.

TC System 6000

Our TC 6000's come withe the Boradcast pack of effects including the Brick Wall limiter that nothing can get through!

The TC's have 4 independent engines so you could have 3 different effects and a master limiter or any of the whole range of presets that are available to you.

The remote for the system 6000 is a stylish touch screen with 6 motorised faders that makes patching, recalling and editing all of the capabilities of the System 6000 a breeze.

Spot On

The touch screen interface of our Spot On systems makes playback of audio files beautifully simple.

You can simply load each audio file into a square and then trigger it manually or perform any combination of triggering several together or stopping others when you trigger the next, auto follow on etc etc.

Spot On is now the standard for audio playback in the TV industry, come and give ours a try!

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