All the services you need for professional sound production and reproduction

Are you looking for advice on the design of your sound set-up? Do you need to hire equipment for a show or event? Is there a recording and remixing requirement in your pre- or post-production? Choose the service you need from the menu below.
Design and Engineering

With digital technology offering increasingly sensational and complex sound solutions, good system design and engineering can make a big difference to the audience experience.

We have the skills and technology to design sound systems that are tailored to the auditorium and the production, whether its broadcast, stage show or live event, supporting you in bringing your creative ideas to life. With our own CAD and 3D venue design tools in-house, we can work with you from conception to final performance and integrate our system designs into the overall show.

Once we have designed a system, we prepare and test it in full at our warehouse in order to minimise the time required on site. Our team of engineers then work with all departments to ensure a smooth installation and operation for the whole event.

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Equipment Hire

Whether you need a PA for a live event, a set of radio mics and in-ear monitors for a stage show or a full broadcast sound system for a TV show, we can help. We keep a ready supply of mics, PA, monitors, mixers, comms and radio equipment in our warehouse and are very happy to give you advice on the best equipment for your needs.

You can view our stock equipment here. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch, as we are constantly updating our inventory and if you need something we don’t have in stock, we can get hold of it for you very quickly.

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Recording and Remixing

If you require recorded sound as part of your production, or you wish to record the production itself, we can help. Our experienced sound engineers provide expert recording and remixing, helping to create soundtracks, textures and effects that add colour to a performance, and to capture performances for posterity.

If you’re recording live performances, we will take care of equipment selection, mic positioning etc for the best quality sound capture, without intruding on the live sound. We will then mix the recordings in our studio and deliver them as high quality audio files in whatever format you need.

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