L Acoustics Syva | Looking and Sounding the Very Best

by | May 24, 2022 | Equipment, Industry News

dj control panel for music recording and night club management

As we continue to increase the range and volume of our L Acoustics stock, the arrival of the Syva/Syva Low system is a welcome addition and fits perfectly into the corporate world, where aesthetics is of paramount importance alongside flawless audio.

The L Acoustics Syva/Syva Low is a system that delivers on many fronts – design aesthetics, incredible audio and ease of installation.

The 2-way passive Syva, with six 5” and three 1.75” transducers punches out an impressive 137dB max SPL with a horizontal distribution of 140°. Paired with the Syva Low, with it’s dual 12” bass reflex set-up delivering 137dB max SPL, the system covers a frequency range of 40Hz to 20kHz seamlessly.  The flexible rigging system allows for the Syva to be stacked on the Syva Low, flown from truss or simply located on a stand, covering all eventualities for the venue and event and is perfect for live bands, DJ systems and the dancefloors of the corporate world.

It’s sleek and architectural design means it can be used throughout the entertainment industry, from TV to live events, and it’s high-power handling and high-excursion drivers maximise the output and bandwidth for that full-sounding, clear and sharp audio result.

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