Keeping in Contact with Riedel Bolero

by | May 24, 2022 | Equipment, Industry News

dj control panel for music recording and night club management

With communication being key in all TV and live event productions, our commitment to investing in the latest technology in this area continues with the game-changing Riedel Bolero system. Redefining the wireless intercom industry, this system is flexible and reliable enough for all your communications needs.

Riedel Bolero is an all-new wireless intercom system capable of supporting up to 250 beltpacks and 100 antennas in a single deployment. Redefining the wireless intercom category with features such as its ADR (Advanced DECT Receiver) with multi-diversity and anti-reflection technology for greater RF robustness, “Touch&Go” NFC beltpack registration, and versatile operation as a wireless beltpack, a wireless keypanel, or — in an industry first — a walkie-talkie.

The Bolero high-clarity voice codec provides both higher speech intelligibility and more efficient use of RF spectrum and the beltpack itself features six intercom channels and a separate “Reply” button for a quick reply to the last caller. Also, in an industry first, the beltpack can be used without a headset like a walkie-talkie radio utilizing an integrated mic and speaker. Bolero beltpacks also support Bluetooth, allowing either a Bluetooth headset or a Smartphone which, when connected, acts like a car’s “hands free” setup so the user can receive calls on their phone and talk and listen via their beltpack headset.

With the three network modes available;
Integrated – running over standards-based SMPTE IP network, including Smartpanels and extensive I/O connected to the powerful Artist infrastructure
Standalone Link – provides plug & play simplicity that is especially suited to smaller installations and when Bolero needs to be interfaced to other systems without the need for an Artist matrix.
Standalone 2110 – enables users to set up a standards-based (SMPTE 2210/AES67) IP network with no Artist required.

Bolero is a true game-changer.

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