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With a rich history spanning over two decades, Plus 4 Audio has proudly contributed to the success of numerous flagship TV shows, large-scale productions, and unforgettable live events.

Immerse yourself in the world of unparalleled audio excellence with Plus 4 Audio. As specialists in TV, live entertainment, and event  production, we deliver cutting-edge audio equipment meticulously tested to meet the demands of audiences, performers, and technicians alike. Our commitment goes beyond providing state of the art gear – our team of experts is dedicated to offering insightful technical advice to ensure your audio requirements are not only met but exceeded.

At Plus 4 Audio, we understand that each project is unique. Elevate your sound to new heights with our specifically tailored designs and services, crafted to help you achieve the optimal audio solution for any project. Trust us to enhance your sonic experience and bring your vision to life.

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The Team

Dan Rossides

Managing Director – Australia & NZ

Dan brings over 30 years of invaluable experience as a highly accomplished audio director and sound engineer. His journey has been marked by success and a commitment to delivering top-tier audio solutions.

​His expertise spans various facets of the audio landscape. From live broadcasts to studio productions, his versatile skill set has made a lasting impact on the projects he has been involved in. With a career grounded in a passion for sound, Dan has consistently delivered audio solutions that meet and exceed industry standards.  Dan continues to lead Plus 4 Audio Australia with a vision for innovation and a steadfast commitment to delivering unparalleled audio experiences. Under his guidance, the company stands ready to meet the evolving needs of clients in the dynamic world of audio production.
Tel: +61 415 375 706

Will King

Managing Director – Australia & NZ

Will’s journey in the world of audio has been marked by stellar achievements and a seamless transition from the live music industry to television.

At Plus 4 Audio Australia, Will has played a pivotal role in adding a new dimension to the Australian broadcast world. His expertise has contributed to the company’s ability to maintain the proud tradition of its UK namesake, bringing efficiency, reliability, and a touch of rock and roll flair to the television industry in Australia. Will’s journey exemplifies a passion for audio excellence and a commitment to pushing boundaries. As Director at Plus 4 Audio Australia, he continues to shape the company’s legacy with his wealth of experience and dedication to delivering top-tier audio solutions.
Tel: +61 414 651 815

Stewart Chaney

Managing Director – UK, Australia & NZ

In 2001, Stewart Chaney laid the foundation for Plus 4 Audio in the UK, driven by a passion for delivering compact, high-quality PA and foldback systems tailored for the television and music industries. Fast forward to today, Plus 4 Audio UK has emerged as a leading provider of audio equipment, supplying the Music and Light Entertainment shows on television and live arenas.

In 2020, Plus 4 Audio took its expertise across continents by establishing its Australian counterpart. Committed to upholding the same standards of quality that have made it a standout name in the UK, Plus 4 Audio Australia quickly became a major player in the industry.
Tel: +44 7787 258862

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