The Masked Singer

Unveiling the sound secrets behind the latest light entertainment hit

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The Masked Singer has got everyone talking again this year, proving that socially distanced audiences can work (the show was recorded late last year) and you can still create an exciting show for viewers with a ‘live’ feeling in the studio. Hats off to Bandicoot and ITV for pulling it off – and keeping the singers’ identities top secret for months!

For us, the obvious challenge was to make sure that the celebrities sound great inside their masks. That meant them being able to hear distinctly too. We solved this with the latest DPA 6066 headsets through Sennheiser 6212 digital radio packs and Wisycom in-ear systems. The mics are flexible and lightweight, with excellent, full range audio and the Wisycom in-ears have excellent RF sensitivity and reliability for perfect sound clarity.

The set-up required a PA system that would create an exciting show for the socially distanced audience and give good coverage in the studio without adversely colouring the broadcast audio. Converting the show’s CAD drawings to an L-Acoustics Soundvision plot, we designed a distributed PA using L-Acoustics’ KARA/SB18 system. Having this conversion facility in-house means we can receive complex designs in CAD and quickly convert them to the PA software, without having to do any manual drawing. It’s a major time saving ability.

The judges were also distanced and separated from one another by Perspex screens, which posed a further sound challenge. We provided them and the presenters with the latest Sennheiser 6000 digital radio mics and Phonak Rogers digital presenter in-ear system. Along with small monitor speakers, this made sure everything came across clearly in studio. Mixing duties were taken care of through two Digico consoles, an SD10 for front of house and an SD5 for monitors.

As we write this, we’re still waiting for surprises in the final reveal of the show. Very few members of the crew are privy to the celebrity singers’ identities and, though the Plus 4 crew have known for some time, not a word passed their lips. Which just goes to show, you can rely on us.

Many thanks as always to Sound Supervisor Robert Edwards and congratulations to all at Bandicoot productions for another excellent show.

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