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Plus 4 Audio provides sound equipment and design for live entertainment, including theatre shows, concerts, comedy and variety. Whether you’re a producer, director, technician or artist, you can trust us to understand your live sound requirements and deliver top quality at every single show.

We will work with you to design your stage sound set-up and provide you with the audio equipment and expert personnel you need to make sure everything goes all right on the night. We have a ready supply of microphones, PA and foldback systems, mixers, communications and radio equipment. If you have specific requirements or challenges, we can advise you on the solutions available to bring your ideas to life.

We’re here to help, whatever your entertainment sound requirements, so tell us your plans and we’ll make sure they get heard.

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Entertainment Sound Equipment

Our Equipment


State-of-the-art radio mics and conventional mics, antennae and optical links.


Line Array and coaxial loudspeakers with accompanying amplifiers and processing.


Radio and hardwired foldback systems for presenters and performers.

Broadcast Outboard Equipment

A range of systems for adding effects, suppressing noise and managing audio playback.

Comms systems

Handsets, base units and channel mixers for connecting gallery to presenters and crew.


Digital broadcast mixing consoles and active split systems for broadcast/foh.

Sound Solutions

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