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Meyer Sound

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Meyer Sound pioneered the use of self-powered loudspeakers for concert use and major sound reinforcement applications.

We keep a small stock of their products that have proved invaluable over the years and are still very popular to rent.

M’elodie brings the sonic signature and easy to use rigging and is compact enough for small theatres, ballrooms and clubs, as well as being an outstanding performer in theatrical productions and corporate AV applications. M’elodie provides a reliable, low-distortion solution for a key segment of the sound reinforcement market. M’elodie’s diminutive size belies a powerful voice: conservatively rated at a maximum peak output of 131 dB SPL, M’elodie is capable of filling.


The Meyer Sound 700-HP was actually designed to complement Meyer Sound’s Concert Series speakers but users have discovered it works well with other Meyer Sound systems. Physically, the 700-HP is a hardwood box, with a textured black finish, a powder-coated steel perforated grille and two handles on each side. The HP-2 power amp is capable of delivering 1,125 watts RMS per channel at four ohms, each channel of the amplifier drives its own 18-inch woofer, with the woofer rated at 1,200 watts RMS. The output of the cabinet is nondirectional, and is rated by Meyer Sound to be functional in the range of 28 Hz to 150 Hz with a peek output of 139 dB, being measured at 1 meter.

The self-powered UPA-2P provides high power output, low distortion and consistent polar response in a compact enclosure. An extremely smooth and predictable 45-degree horizontal x 45-degree vertical conical horn, coupled to a 3-inch diaphragm compression driver, reproduces high frequencies. The UPA-2P is biamplified by an integral two-channel class AB/bridged amplifier, total peak power output is 700 watts.

The MSL-4 is an arrayable, high-Q long-throw reinforcement loudspeaker. It operates with a very flat frequency response all the way from 18kHz down to an impressive 65Hz. To get an even lower range, the unit works well with mid-bass loudspeakers and subwoofers.