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The Q5X range of radio mics

Quantum Q5X have produced a range of radio mic transmitters that have a range of uses that no other transmitters can match. Due to their unique construction and control they are especially useful for sporting events, theatre and the aquapacks are ideal for reality shows that may involve water!

Developed for the NBA. The PlayerMic the world’s first flexible rubber bodypack and it’s designed to protect the player from injury if they fall on it or take a direct hit.

  • Flexible, rugged, rubber case
  • Thinnest 1 piece profile of all Q5X transmitters
  • When you need safety, comfort and multipurpose
  • Used for athletes, theatre, location sound, studios
  • The Majority of our player mics are the smaller variety and the battery is good for 4 hours in these. We do keep a small stock of the larger model that has a 7 Hour battery life

The Aquamic has many of the same fetures as the player mics but in a totally waterproof shell. It is waterproof to 10m and has the longest battery life of Q5X Transmitters the combination of which makes it ideal for reality tv shows where a pool or the sea may be involved!
They are also great to be used as remote FX mixs, where they can be buried under a pitch a day or so before the game and then remotely turned on, close to the start of the event.

If even the tiny Player Mic is too big for you, how about splitting it into two! A revolution in concealment. The two piece rubber case of the Incognito can be hidden in wigs, undergarments or in almost any costume or stage prop.

  • Removable rechargeable battery pack
  • Thinnest profile (2 piece)
  • Rapid battery change for quick talent interaction
  • Used for Theatre, TV, film, costumes

Q5X now make their own receiver. Two-channel, dual-diversity, 19″ 1U rack-mount receiver, tunable to 9120 frequencies (QR-2100 WB (Wide Band) tunable to 3000 frequencies), (available in 25kHz blocks from 470 MHz to 700 MHz) Thanks to the differetn compander settings in the transmitters it is also possible to use them with Shure and Wisycom receivers.

The handheld Mic Commander communicates with the transmitters via a 2.4GHz control channel that will operate through clothing, walls and over long distances. This enables you to interrogate and operate all functions of the sealed transmitters remotely, either individually or as groups. There is also a network version that with the MicControl software provides you with an easy to operate global look at your system and enables you to take quick realtime changes to your entire system.