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Digital and Analogue portable radios

We now stock a large amount of the latest Mototrbo DP4601e portable radios from Motorola. These compact handsets introduce all the advantages of the latest in digital communicatiosn while also being hybrid units that have analogue as well.

All of our units are also wifi enabled to allow us to program literally hundreds in a matter of minutes, even on site for you if you decide you need a different set up than how you started with, we can send and enginneer and get you re-programmed in minutes. Our units come with a spare battery and 6 way chargers and we have a full rnage of accessories for you to choose to accompany them.

Covert kits, lightweight headsets, remote speaker mic (fist mic), D-shell Earpieces, carry case and strap. We also have the latest Mototrbo base stations so we can ensure we cover the distances you need, whether its digital or analogue.

If we can help with your coms needs in any way, please give us a call.