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The greatest flexibility of class leading audio

DiGiCo’s experience as the pioneer of a new combination of live sound engineering understanding, melded with the incredible background of technical innovation has resulted in a range of digital consoles which raise the bar for live sound engineering. As well thought out for every major application as they are designed for the art and science of sound engineering, these outstanding mixing consoles take you on a whole new creative journey – and yet ensure a safe ride through the most demanding shows in the world.

The fastest and smartest console ever created, Quantum 7 delivers the functionality, audio performance and sheer scale required to deliver the largest productions now and in the future. With Quantum 7, you have the power to tackle any challenge and truly own the room.Built to exceed the ambitions of tomorrow’s touring productions, Quantum 7 breaks the barrier of seventh generation FPGA technology to deliver a dramatic leap forward in power and connectivity. If you don’t quite need the power of Quantum but still have a large channel or bus count (or both) then the standard SD7 is our latest in high density digital processing, the all-new Stealth mixing and routing engine, exclusive to DiGiCo. Based on the latest FPGA known as Super FPGA it’s a core component of the SD7’s leap in console design.

Quantum 338 represents a dramatic leap forward in power and connectivity within a remarkably compact format.It defines the future of audio mixing by boasting a wealth of new design features and enhancements to create ultimate flexibility of use plus the speed of operation that only Quantum can deliver.

The console is based on seventh-generation FPGAs with entirely new system architecture. Quantun 338 merges tried and tested workflows with immense processing muscle and bold innovation including a striking new dark mode. It puts a high brightness multitouch and trio of 17-inch screens at your disposal, with both the meter bridge and soft quick select buttons displayed on each screen for quick, intuitive operation. The floating Quantum chassis with 38 touch-sensitive faders laid out in three blocks of 12 fader banks, plus two dedicated user-assignable faders, each with high-resolution metering.

Quantum 338 standard is a superior local audio connectivity and performance, alongside:

  • six single or three redundant MADI connections
  • dual DMI slots
  • a built-in UB MADI USB recording interface

With a maximum of 128 input channels with 64 busses and a 24 x 24 matrix, all with full channel processing, 8 local mic/line inputs and eight local line outputs, 4 stereo AES/EBU in/out, dual DMI card slots, support for dual second-generation Optocore loops, a built-in UB MADI USB interface and more, Quantum 338 takes built-in console I/O to new levels of performance.


Remember the D5 Live? Well, the SD5 is the modern-day incarnation of that console; think the D5 Live on steroids and you’re getting close! Yes, it fits directly into the D5’s shoes, but thanks to the inclusion of Stealth Digital Processing, floating-point Super FPGA technology, and a host of new features, it packs a far bigger punch. The SD5’s 37 faders are laid out in three convenient banks of 12 with one master fader with the added benefit of three 15-inch full colour TFT touch screens for even quicker access and multi-user applications. In addition, there are two interactive dynamic metering displays (IDMs) as used in its big brother, the SD7. The centrally located master screen has been incorporated into the worksurface meterbridge design to provide a lower profile meter bridge and allow for complete user feedback; this means the engineer never needs to move far from mix position: there is clear visibility of everyone on stage, and all control is less than an arm’s length away.

The SD Ten includes many of our flagship SD7’s features and benefits, including Stealth Digital Processing and floating-point Super FPGA technology, and provides a fully-loaded feature set that will cater to any front-of-house or monitor engineer’s needs. SD Ten features three banks of 12 motorised faders and one master fader, each of which benefits from its own high resolution LED bar graph meter. In the centre of the worksurface sits the familiar 15-inch backlit colour-keyed TFT touch screen, home of the console’s super-intuitive control interface. In addition, special functions can be assigned and accessed instantly via the console’s 40 Smart Key Macros. The SD Ten boasts 96 processing channels (12 of these are Flexi Channels. The console also benefits from 16 Dynamic EQ processors, plus there are also 16 assignable Multiband Compressors and 16 assignable DiGiTubes. In addition, we’ve included 48 busses, all of which are assignable as mono/stereo groups or auxiliary busses, we’ve provided a 16 x 16 output matrix, dual solo busses, and a Master buss.

The SD11i provides the highest channel count per rack space of any high performance console available today: a full 80 input channels at 48kHz or 96kHz. Standard channel processing across all inputs and outputs includes Channel Delay, Single and Multi-Channel Presets, Hi- and Lo-pass filters @ 24dB/octave, four-band parametric EQ with band curve selection, Dual insert points, DiGiCo’s DYN 1 (Compressor, De-esser or Multi-Band Compressor) and DYN 2 (Gate, Compressor or Ducker).Regardless of how the console is set up, you’ll benefit from the power of 115 Dynamic EQ processors that are assignable to any of the input or output channels, offering dynamic processing on each of the four standard parametric bands, plus 115 Multiband Compressors. Whatever the gig, the SD11i delivers the same high quality signal path and feature set.The master section incorporates 12 gangable 32 band graphic EQs, six stereo effects (selectable from a palette of 33), and eight control groups (VCAs); using snapshots, you can switch between complete configurations in any live environment easier than ever before, be it at rehearsals, during system setup, or even at a show.In addition, 24 busses are assignable as mono/stereo groups or auxiliaries; while a 12×8 output matrix, dual solo busses, and a Master buss provide even deeper configurability.

Compact in size but big on features, the SD12 raises the bar as a multi-application digital console at an exceptionally affordable price point. Not only is the SD12 a true sonic powerhouse, it is the first in the SD-Range to feature an integrated recording interface which makes virtual sound checking a snap. Designed to provide optimum performance in live touring, corporate, install, house of worship, theatre and broadcast environments, the SD12 incorporates the latest generation Super FPGA technology and Core 2 software to deliver unrivalled power and connectivity in a compact frame. Designed for even easier operation, the SD12’s new DVI display output provides an overview of the console, while brighter LED meters and a DiGiCo Lightbar ensure optimum visibility. Dual 15-inch touchscreens, two assignable master faders and advanced surface connectivity is provided in the form of optional DMI cards.