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APG systems are specifically designed to meet the needs of audio professionals in the live events market.

The APG audience includes rental companies supplying the live events and corporate markets, as well as A/V system integrators, consultants and sound designers putting together systems for public or private venues.

APG’s R&D is based upon innovation and scientific rigour, which aims to assure the maximum accuracy of reproduction and total reliability for each product. Achieving acoustical transparency, minimum of measured distortion, reliable driver protection and performance consistency, impose a no-compromise choice of components.

In 2010, French manufacturer APG launched the first pioneering modular line array system: Uniline. Composed of 4 different cabinet models, it can be configured to fulfill every FOH applications, from short-throw to very long-throw, either indoors or outside: the UL210 long throw loudspeaker, the downfill and mid throw version UL210D, the dedicated UL115B bass speaker and the UL118B subwoofer. All line array applications are successfully covered by just one single system.

Uniline offers adaptable turnkey solutions to rental companies and AV integrators, be they handling major tours, corporate events, theaters and concert halls, TV studios or right down to small productions. The Global Uniline Solution comprises a complete set of tools and protocols backed by an international community of professional users.

The DX12 is a high performance multi-purpose speaker from the Dispersion series. It is a high power, 2-way, compact monitor speaker that benefits from coaxial technology. The coaxial driver alignment offers a perfectly coherent wide acoustic field even in nearfield listening. The result is smooth, homogeneous coverage over a broad area with excellent feedback response. The asymmetric cabinet design enables two different angles as a floor monitor (30° for near-field and 45° for far-field applications), or it may be pole-mounted or flown for use as a FOH, delay or in-fill system. This speaker combines high acoustic performance with highly functional ergonomics. It meets professional requirements in terms of versatility, compactness, light weight, and handling. It offers a low profile as a stage monitor, simple flying system, ultra-fast setup, and recesses connector.

The DX5 is a small footprint enclosure with a pair of “miniature” high performance coaxial speakers. HF & LF Speakers are physically aligned and acoustic baffling is optimized to limit diffraction. The result is linear phase response with excellent gain before feedback. The LF loudspeaker is optimized down to low frequencies thanks to a mobile assembly allowing maximum excursion. The sophisticated ergonomics of the DX5 enable complete versatility between use as a stage monitor or as a PA loudspeaker. The DX5 can be placed on a stand or on the ground (with 30 degrees, 45 degrees and 90 degrees angles), pole- mounted, or wall or ceiling-mounted using the ETDX5 bracket. Designed for nearfield listening and monitoring as well as distributed audio across large spaces, its compact dimensions and extremely high sound quality make it ideal for applications where discretion needs to be combined with flawless sound reproduction.