Avid S6L Now in stock

by | Feb 16, 2017 | Equipment, Industry News

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We are happy to announce that we now have a shiny new pair of Avid S6L consoles.

We went for the larger 32D surface for both boards with the maximum 192 engine and fully loaded stage racks. The joy of this for anyone that is a profile user is that virtually all of the software will be very familiar to you, you’ll just have a beautiful new surface to interact with, giving you much greater access directly to what you need rather than having to do it all via the touchscreen.

So far everyone that has used the desk has been blown away by the sound of it straight out of the box and most previous Profile engineers end up using considerably less plugins than they used to.

We feel like we missed out previously as we never bought any profiles but this is a complete redesign of the whole thing, bottom up and it’s so much better for it. The whole design of the engine has been radically restructured and now offers access to the engine on large runners and thumbscrews!

We have 2 desks here ready for action, so please if you’re interested, come and have a go and see if it will be your desk of choice for the future!