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Sennheiser Radio Mic and In Ear Systems

The worlds radio systems

We keep a large stock of wide band and banded hand held and belt pack transmitters that cover the entire licenceable UK frequency range. Our receivers are largely Sennheisers latest 3732 wide band model as are most of our transmitters.

 We're very pleased to announce the arrival fo the Sennheiser 9000 flagship Digital system. This provides unrivaled un compressed audio quality for the discerning client.

We also keep entire aerial systems to suit any and all of your radio requirements. Whether it is as simple as a pair of small rubber twigs up to a large distributed system to cover an entire studio complex.

9000 Series

The Digital 9000 system has been developed for all professional users in broadcast studios, theatres and live performances unwilling to comprise on sound. Its unique uncompressed digital audio transmission offers artefacts free sound with great dynamics.

With its outstanding intermodulation safety the EM 9046 receiver allows the highly efficient use of the avaiable frequency range. Its switching bandwidth covers the range from 470 - 798 MHz making it a future proof investment.  

The handheld transmitter SKM 9000 is compatible with all capsules of the evolution wireless and 2000 series, as well as with the Neumann capsules KK 204 and 205. Furthermore there are four new high-end capsules from the 9000 series available, fit for any repertoire. 

It is small, light-weight, and easily hidden under your clothes. But the SK 9000 body pack transmitter delivers a sound, which is definitely full-sized: uncompressed with maximum dynamics.  

3000 & 5000 Series

The gold standard for hand held radio mics, the Sennheiser SKM 5200 now comes with a variety of capsules to suit anything from a presenter likely to be a way off the mic so needing an Omni capsule to some of the worlds most famous singers performing into the latest 5235 vocal capsule.

Most of the UK television presenter you here are talking via a Sennheiser SK 5212. It is the standard belt pack transmitter.

The 3732 is our most popular radio receiver. Ideally suited to the 5212 or 5200 WideBand transmitters, it will provide a fully flexible and reliable system.

2000 series In Ears
The Sennheiser 2000 series In Ear System is the gold standard of In Ear monitoring. It provides ahigh power output, combined with an AC3200 combiner and AC5000CP helical antenna to ensure maximum clarity for those critical situations.
G2 & G3 In Ears
Sennheiser G2 & G3 systems are the most commonly asked for In Ear Systems. We supply them in any quantity from a single unit up to racks of 8 with a AC3000 combiner. All our systems are normally supplied with a Sennheiser AC5000CP helical aerial to increase gain and try and ensure that you artists in ears are as crystal clear as possible.

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