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DiGiCo's experience as the pioneer of a new combination of live sound engineering understanding melded with the incredible background of technical innovation has resulted in a range of digital consoles which raise the bar for live sound engineering. And now with the SD7 this aim has been well and truly met. An outstanding mixing console that takes you on a whole new creative journey - and yet ensures a safe ride through the most demanding shows in the world.

DiGiCo SD7
Powering the SD7 is our latest in high density digital processing, the all-new Stealth mixing and routing engine, exclusive to DiGiCo. Based on the latest incarnation of FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) technology, known as Super FPGA  it’s a core component of the SD7’s quantum leap in console design. Allied to three of the latest generation of SHARC® effects and control processors, it endows the console with a staggering eight times the overall processing power of the industry standard D5 Live.
DiGiCo SD5
Remember the D5 Live? Well, the SD5 is the modern-day incarnation of that console; think the D5 Live on steroids and you're getting close! Yes, it fits directly into the D5's shoes, but thanks to the inclusion of Stealth Digital Processing, floating-point Super FPGA technology, and a host of new features, it packs a far bigger punch.

The SD5's 37 faders are laid out in three convenient banks of 12 with one master fader with the added benefit of three 15-inch full colour TFT touch screens for even quicker access and multi-user applications. In addition, there are two interactive dynamic metering displays (IDMs) as used in its big brother, the SD7.

The centrally located master screen has been incorporated into the worksurface meterbridge design to provide a lower profile meter bridge and allow for complete user feedback; this means the engineer never needs to move far from mix position: there is clear visibility of everyone on stage, and all control is less than an arm's length away.

DiGiCo SD10
The SD Ten includes many of our flagship SD7's features and benefits, including Stealth Digital Processing and floating-point Super FPGA technology, and provides a fully-loaded feature set that will cater to any front-of-house or monitor engineer's needs.

SD Ten features three banks of 12 motorised faders and one master fader, each of which benefits from its own high resolution LED bar graph meter. In the centre of the worksurface sits the familiar 15-inch backlit colour-keyed TFT touch screen, home of the console's super-intuitive control interface.

In addition, special functions can be assigned and accessed instantly via the console's 40 Smart Key Macros.

The SD Ten boasts 96 processing channels (12 of these are Flexi Channels. The console also benefits from 16 Dynamic EQ processors, plus there are also 16 assignable Multiband Compressors and 16 assignable DiGiTubes.

In addition, we've included 48 busses, all of which are assignable as mono/stereo groups or auxiliary busses, we've provided a 16 x 16 output matrix, dual solo busses, and a Master buss.

DiGiCo SD8 & SD8-24
The SD8 has a fixed architecture powered by Stealth Digital Processing™ and employs a smaller Super FPGA than the SD7, yet it benefits from allthe major features and versatility of the acclaimed DiGiCo D Series, plus the advances already made in the SD7. This gives a superlative performance to price ratio, allowing DiGiCo to offer an entry-level console, with remote pre amps, at a price point that has never been possible before.The same attention to detail and ease of use has been applied to the SD8, as to every other console in DiGiCo’s portfolio. Thus, the SD8’s control surface has 37 motorised faders (or 25 with the new SD8-24), dedicated and multi-function control knobs and electronic labelling. It also has a 15”, super high resolution, touch sensitive TFTLCD backlit display. The SD8 has 24 (12 with new SD8-24) main channelfaders and 12 assignable aux and touch sensitive master faders. Each bank of 12 faders can be instantly assigned as channels or masters, allowing all 36 (24 with SD8-24) main faders to control inputs if desired, while any bank of 12 can be assigned to the touch screen for fine-tuning.
DiGiCo SD11i Now also with Fibre!
Think the SD11, but with a bit more of everything. Though aesthetically identical, the SD11i packs more of a punch in pretty much every department: every channel is now a Flexi channel; and we've crammed moreprocessing power into the same 19-inch rack mount / table top shell, which makes the SD11i an even more powerful solution. Easily transportable and simple to incorporate into any mixing environment, this supercharged model delivers a very high performance at a fantastic price point.

The SD11i is manufactured with the same steel chassis andpolycarbonate-overlaid aluminium worksurface which makes it super-lightweight. Its user interface comes courtesy of DiGiCo's trademark 15-inch, high resolution TFT LCD touch screen with backlit display; and its 12 touch sensitive moving faders guarantee a simple andintuitive workflow.

The SD11i boasts 32 Flexi Channels (configurable as either mono or stereo) at 48kHz, which is the equivalent of 64 channels of full DSP processing.

We now also have an SD11i With Fibre that is perfect for acting as a routing hub for your DIgico Network, or for listening to audio lines on your Optocore network.

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