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Referendum 2016 - The Great Debate

Referendum 2016 - The Great Debate

We were contracted by the BBC for the biggest of all the Referendum debates, this one at Wembley Arena.

This was a particularly tricky show to design as there was a second stage at the opposite end of the auditorium for several interviews during breaks in the debate on the main stage.

We designed a system of L'Acoustics, K2, Kara & Kiva that enabled for complete coverage and yet very low delay times to minimise the unwanted reflections for the broadcast team.

In addition on the main stage, there were 7 lecterns that featured their own individual foldback that were fed discreet mix minus feeds from broadcast truck and through our own desk, just for us to EQ and level control. This was to ensure that all the contributors could hear eaxactly what each other was saying and yet again, get maximum level in the auditorium while maintaing the cleanest sound for TV.

Due to the live high profile nature of the show the BBC had asked us to  double mic everyone, so we had two transmitters and mics per contributor as well asduplicate receivers, run of auto switching UPS feeds, feeding 2 different OB trucks provided by CTV.

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