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Digico SD10 added to hire stock

Digico SD10 added to hire stock

Due to a huge demand for Digico desks this year we have decided to add the missing piece to our Digico Jigsaw.

We now have a vailable for rent a Digico SD10. It has all the same great features as the other digico desks and channel count wise seats neatly inbetween the SD8/9 and the SD5.

You can take up to 96 input channels plus 12 Flexi Channels and up to 48 Mono busses or 24 Stereo Buses.

We've had out SD10 fitted with Fibre connections so you can maintain a Digico Optocore loop to our SD racks. Works great if you are sharing the racks with other Digico products.

The SD10 also comes Waves ready so with the addition of our Waves Extreme Servers , you can now have the full range of Waves plugins to really hone your mix with.

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