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ITV's latest talent show has called on the expertise of Plus 4 once again.

Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber is searching for his Jesus for the lead role in his next production, Jesus Chris, Superstar. Rather than a theatre show, when the production starts in October it is going into arenas and the desired effect is definitely Rock and Roll.

The house live band under the control of MD Nigel Wright is based on a raised section overlooking the performance stage. We have provided all of the musicians with their own Aviom system and Westone in ear monitors.

All of the perfrmers are singing into either Shure UR2 Hand Helds or DPA 4066 headsets. They all wear Sennheiser 2000 in ear systems to be able them to be placed anywhere on stage without any worries about covering them with speakers. This is a great bonus for the Production Team as it free's up their imagination as to the staging of each performance.

Both control desks on the show are Digico SD7's. The PA is largely L'Acoustics Kara with SB18 subs including a special in your face fill for the judges so they can hear every nuance over the undoubtedly lively crowd!

We have also provided all radio systems for the show including Sennheiser 5212 packs with DPA 4061 for the judges and presenters and a special Diamante hand held for presenter Amanda Holden.

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