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Saturday Night Takeaway

Saturday Night Takeaway

Ant & Dec are back with their fast paced Saturday night entertainment show for the start of 2013. As well as a huge range of guest acts, stings on celebrities and audience members the boys have embarked on some stunning Ant verses Dec challenges on this series.

These included having to shin out on top of flagpoles 200ft in the air on top of the London Studios building and then climbing up a 40foot vertical truss section, while it was suspended 60ft in the air from a crane.

We supplied a Digico SD8 Console with L'Acoustics Kara PA system for the audience, all the sound requirements for the guest acts each week as well as outdoor radio and PA systems for all of their challenges, including being on the roof.

There was also the famous walking/singing stunt where Michael Buble started singing on stage and then continues to sing live as he takes a 90 second walk through the back stage area, scenedock and loading bay to finally end up in the pub over the road whereAnt & Dec are enjoying a quick pint. How did we do that? We can't tell but it involved a lot of people and cable and a lot of rehearsals. You can watch it here

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