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National Televisions Awards

National Televisions Awards

....for the third year running the NTA's come live from the enormous O2 Arena.

This year we used a new system to us the MArtin Audio MLA. With onboard processing and individual control of every element within each cabinet, the software takes the prediction, based on your measurements of the auditoriu, and does some clever phase, timing and EQ manipulation to every elemnt to ensure that every seat hears excatly the same.

We were truly impressed by what the system produced, which gave a beautiful clean sound over the whole audience area but almost as importantly was significantly quieter on stage which gave us more headroom outfront.  Another major advantage is that even once the system is hung, it is possible to very quickly try different presets that change the coverage pattern without any physical change to the flown system.

It was a pleasure to use the system and we hope to find more uses for it throughout the year.

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