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National Television Awards 2014

National Television Awards 2014 Britain's 19th National TV Awards were held recently at London's O2, where for the first time we decided to use Martin Audio MLA (Multi-cellular Loudspeaker Array)

We felt it was time to try a different system to what we had used previously and chose the Martin MLA.
We found that the system worked really well in the O2. As most of the show is speech it is really important to maintain that clarity throughout the arena. It enabled us to cut down on most of the reflection coming back from the bowl of the room and in addition gave us a good 5dB's more headroom on all the mics due to the MLA's ability to ensure that the spill onto specific areas, in our case the stage, is minimised.

In Addition to the MLA we fielded our L'Acoustic Kara system taking care of the side seating, high balcony and some Kiva for front fills and SB18's. Control was from one of our Digico SD's and monitors was run from an SD8.


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