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Cabled Microphones

Condenser and Dynamic microphones

Our stock list of microphones gets longer by the day. We keep most standard instrument mics by Sennheiser and Shure as well as industry standards like AKG 414 and Beyer M88's. We keep a large rang of DPA mics from standard DPA 4060 lavalier mic through to their D-Fine amazingly lightweight headsets. Add in some Neumans, Schoeps and Radial DI's and you can see that the list is pretty extensive.


We keep the following Shure mics:

SM57, SM58, SM81, SM98, B52A, B54 Headset, B56A, B57A, B58A, B87C, B91A, B98A, KSM9, KSM32, KSM137, MX412, MX412SE, MX418SE


We keep the following Sennheiser mics:

e604, e614, e825 (switched) , e835 (switched), e840, e901, e902, e904, e905, e906, e908, e914, e935, e965, MD421, MKE1, MKE2

Ideal for either Operatic style vocals or for Awards ceremonies, The Schoeps CMC preamp combined with the RC1200 tubes and MK2,4 or 21 heads makes a world standard. They can be mounted each on a single roundbased stand or in pairs to provide a very neat solution with a backup.

We keep the following DPA microphones:

 D-Fine, 4060 (Black/White), 4061 (Black/Pink), 4066 Kids Headset (Black/Beige), 4080 Cardioid Lav, 4088 Cardioind Headset (Beige/Brown), 4099 (Cello/Violin/Guitar)


We also keep:

AKG 414, Neuman KM184/KMS104/KMS105, Beyer M88, Audix D6, Radial DI Boxes (Active,Passive & Stereo) Kt Di Boxes, Schertler piano pickups, Countryman B3, Sanken Cos11.

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